NC: Round any whole number to a required degree of accuracy.

Rounding can help to estimate answers and, at times, can help you get to an answer quicker.

Example 1: Round 3392851 to the nearest 1000.

Place each digit into its place value column.

We need to round to the nearest 1000. So let’s start by looking in the thousands column.

Now, let’s focus on the ‘2851‘ part of the number. 2851 would be rounded up to 3000. So 3392851 rounded to the nearest 1000 is 3393000.

Example 2: 2017823 rounded to 2018000 is to the nearest 100, 1000 or 10000?

Again, place each digit in its place value column.

Now we can see that the change has occurred here in the thousands column:

So 2017823 rounded to 2018000 is to the nearest 1000.

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