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  1. Write in digits: six hundred thousand and twenty-two1

  2. Write in digits: seven million, five hundred and six thousand, nine hundred and two1

  3. Write in digits: eight million, seventy-five thousand, one hundred and four.1

  4. Write in digits: two million, six hundred and one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-two.1

  5. Write in digits: six hundred and twenty thousand, one hundred and fifteen.1

  6. Write in digits: ninety two thousand and four.1

  7. Write in digits: one million, eight thousand and forty-eight.1

  8. Write in digits: four hundred and five thousand and six1

  9. Write in digits: thirty-two million, seven hundred and nine thousand, two hundred and nineteen.1

  10. Write in digits: five hundred thousand and four.1

  11. Write in words: 21103901

  12. Write in words: 3774101

  13. Write in words: 10006321

  14. Write in words: 92138481

  15. Write in words: 20304051

  16. Write in words: 39000021

  17. Write in words: 78109231

  18. Write in words: 5555551

  19. Write in words: 42083001

  20. Write in words: 721038461

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